Ever wondered what causes dark spots and pigmentation on your skin


There are so so soooo many reasons for skin pigmentation. It's so normal and natural, however, that doesn't mean you have to like it or can't help it / prevent it. 

First off - what is pigmentation you ask? Pigmentation refers to the natural colour of your skin. When the skin is injured, the skin colour may darken, known as hyperpigmentation.

Pigmentation can happen due to a lot of natural and some environmental factors and it will depend on person to person.

Let's go through a list of the most common reasons -

  • Waxing - wax is quite harsh on the skin - disturbing the skin when ripping off the wax can cause the skin to think it's being ‘attacked’ so it will bring pigment to the surface as a ‘form of protection.
  • Childbirth, now no one tells you this is easy but afterwards things can look different down there due to the changes in female hormones 
  • Skin's elasticity and thickness can change over time. As skin's thickness reduces and fatty tissues become thinner, pigmentation occurs and the areas can darken as a result.
  • Laser - harsh light pulses through to the hair follicle, however this also affects the surrounding skin and brings out pigmentation 
  • Excess friction - these areas are notoriously sensitive - for good reason - wearing the incorrect undies can cause friction and increase hyperpigmentation
  • Exercise - you’re joking - we are not - we all sweat - so natural - however sweat in your sensitive areas can increase friction ESPECIALLY after hair removal.
  • Sun exposure - you guessed it - our cream works everywhere to skin tone correct - put moving forward we would highly recommend you use a mineral based zinc to prevent furher damage.

Whatever the reason for your pigmentation, just know it is normal and really only affects the aesthetics. However, if that bothers you, that can be treated easily and naturally with YPBs.